Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada & Mitch Myers

Names look familiar?
Look closely at that splash screen next time you’re starting up After Effects.



Is a freelance animator & creative director. He’s slightly obsessed with detailed keyframe animation and audio-driven motion design projects. He was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia but is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

He also made a Motion Design online class and runs a curated a vimeo channel for motion design awesomeness called WINE after COFFEE, that occasionally puts on a festival called Blend.


A Motion Designer / Art Director based out of St. Louis Missouri.  Mitch brings together knowledge of Film Theory, Cinematic Light Storytelling, and Filmic Scene Setups to the world of 3D Animation and Mograph.

Besides his experimentations and client work, he also works on a handful of products to help artists produce the best work they can and run the most productive and profitable business possible.

He now runs a Mentorship Program titled “The Jump” which helps build entrepreneurial novices into masters of their craft.